Complete set: all inclusive for 2 people

Complete set: all inclusive for 2 people
Complete set: all inclusive for 2 people
Complete set: all inclusive for 2 people
Complete set: all inclusive for 2 people
Complete set: all inclusive for 2 people

Complete set: all inclusive for 2 people

  • Medically therapeutically usable
  • Energy recovery through heat and light therapy
  • The intensity is continuously adjustable
  • Regularly grounding your body
  • For less stress, lower blood pressure and inflammation
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way

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The standard dimensions are:
Upper bed: 140 x 200 cm
Therapy pad: 90 x 190 cm
Regeneration system: 60 x 190 cm

Special dimensions possible on request.

Duration of delivery:
With our service, we always try to measure ourselves against our high product quality standards. We therefore endeavor to send you our products as quickly as possible. Ours are usually shipped within 3 business days. We are also happy to answer your individual inquiries. With the advice of our experts, you too will soon be feeling the best sleep of your life.

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The TERRA Medico® regeneration system makes biophysical principles from nature medically and therapeutically usable and bundles the power of grounding, energy recovery, biophoton emission and therapeutic C-waves.

How does the regeneration system work?

Using the TERRA Medico® regeneration set is child's play: you spread out the TERRA Medico Regeneratinos system on a lounger or your bed. Lie on it, take a comfortable position and activate the regeneration system with the switch. Choose the intensity level according to your personal preferences.

The TERRA Medico® regeneration system heals your body holistically. The heat and light therapy promotes your regeneration in the long term by increasing your core temperature. Your body is flooded and stimulated by infrared heat waves . Science calls this process biophoton emission and the results have been proven in studies.

In addition, stress reduction is promoted through the method of body grounding . So you feel less stressed and feel the new energy in your everyday life.

Our gift to you

Unbeatable combination: therapy overlay and therapy duvet

The therapy pad and the therapy duvet are made in high-quality craftsmanship. Both systems act directly on your biophysical basis through grounding, biophoton emission, the kinetic energy recovery system and the capillary effect. Due to their health-promoting influence on all physical and mental processes, our products favor the following aspects:

  • Healthy sleep
  • energy recovery
  • Strong immune system
  • antiaging
  • stress reduction
  • pain relief

Health benefits of the therapy pad

By using the TERRA Medico® energy and anti-stress sleeping set, you promote the body's own regeneration processes and experience lasting healthy sleep. The integrated body grounding ensures a noticeable improvement in the quality of sleep and supports relaxation of the body. The energy recovery system supplies the body with fresh energy through light-active minerals. The thermoregulating cooler calibrates temperature and humidity and actively supports you during your sleep phase.

TERRA Medico® is your partner for your health

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25 years of experience


Frequently asked questions and answers

The combination of grounding, kinetic energy recovery and C-waves through infrared rays has a holistic effect on your well-being. Your body will be relieved of stress and will regain new energy. You fill up with fresh energy for your day.

TERRA Medico are certified as medical products. This means that the effect has been confirmed by test centers and the very strict requirements are met. This makes TERRA Medico products unique on the market.

The set contains four products.

  • The regeneration system
  • The therapy bed
  • The Therapy Pad
  • The fast pocket for your mobile phone.

In the set you get very attractive price advantages.

Our customers can claim payment in installments. We work together with payment service providers such as Klarna, who enable you to make small installment payments in a very uncomplicated manner. You will receive more information when paying at the checkout.

At Terra Medico® you buy without risk. You can 100% of our products
Try and test for nights. With free return shipping, you can
simply return our products within the test period.



We want to thank you for the regeneration system. After only 3 months, my back pain has significantly reduced. In the meantime it has become indispensable for us. We can highly recommend it

Kantor family
Linz, Austria

Very good experience
I first heard about the products from my niece, who has had very good experiences with them. As an 88-year-old woman with a very curved spine and constant back and shoulder pain, I was very skeptical at first. I didn't want to do anything "new" to myself anymore. Nonetheless, I decided to buy it. Now I lie on the regeneration system twice a day and am thrilled. Of course, total healing is no longer possible at my age, but the effect and the associated phases of rest are very, very good for my body. I look forward to it every day when I use the products. I would buy these again at any time and can only recommend them.

Hildegard H.
Ebensee, Austria

less pain
I would like to recommend the products to many people because they are unique. I had shoulder, lower back, hip and thigh pain. I feel much better thanks to the TERRA Medico products. The pain level went from level 10 to level 2 and I am more flexible.

Paulina P Plagg.
Malles, Italy

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