Anti-aging effect through biophotons

The biological aging process – how do we age?

These factors accelerate the aging process

Environmental influences

The impact of environmental factors on the organism contributes significantly to the aging process. While some of these influences are difficult to prevent, such as air pollution, smog, radiation, etc., others are very controllable. This particularly applies to nutrition and substance use.

Stress factors

Stress factors also accelerate the aging process, for example in the following areas:


Drug influence


physical and psychological stress

The body's own causes of stress

So-called free radicals are continually created in the body. However, these oxygen molecules with unpaired electrons are harmful to cell health and cause oxidative stress, which accelerates the aging process. However, these damaging, endogenous processes can be effectively counteracted using biophoton therapy.

Counteract aging processes through biophoton therapy

The TERRA Medico regeneration system