A life without stress

Free your body and mind from stress. With certified health systems from TERRA Medico.

Natural laws & self-healing processes for a healthier everyday life

The effectiveness concept of TERRA Medico is based on the biophysical laws of nature and our body's self-healing powers. Both aspects work together in the health products and enable a holistic, healing effect - for pure well-being that goes beyond mere health...

A life without stress

TERRA Medico®

The maximum relaxation

Anti-stress room

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When your home becomes a health resort

Relaxation at home

Like a newborn every day

With TERRA Medico you free your body and mind from stress and its harmful effects. Our concept is holistic and based on two components: the biophoton regeneration system and the Energy & Anti-Stress Cocoon

Biophoton regeneration system

More energy during the day

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Energy & anti-stress cocoon

Deceleration, deep physical and mental relaxation

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What our customers say


less pain

I'm very satisfied! After an arthroscopy, I had severe pain, which was greatly relieved, and my sciatica attack was over quickly.

Erika W.
Purkersdorf, Austria

No more sleep problems

Thanks to the daily 30-minute TERRA Medico® regeneration system, my menopausal symptoms, hot flashes, sleep disorders and digestive problems have disappeared.

Teodora M
Merano, Italy

Quick relaxation

The regeneration system relaxes me a lot and I usually fall asleep straight away. Even after sport
it's very soothing. My mother developed the flu when she had the flu
joint pains improved.

Renate K
Bischofshofen, Austria

Recommended for athletes

When I get home from my ski tours, I immediately lie down on it and regenerate immediately. I can only recommend the regeneration system to everyone (not just athletes).

Franz B
Grodig, Austria

Better wellbeing

Since I've been using the Terra Medico products, my joint pain (knees, elbows, hands, fingers) has been greatly reduced. My general well-being has improved significantly.

Christine Z
Kattau, Austria

Fitness instead of back pain

I am very happy with the products. Use it 1 to 2 times a day. My back pain has gotten significantly better. I feel much better and fitter. I can only recommend the regeneration system. PS: A very good success was also with a nerve inflammation on the foot.

Renate S
Oberalm, Austria

Areas of impact

TERRA Medico's products enrich comprehensive health care in a special way and have a supportive effect on various physical and mental processes. The effects achieved in the areas of the immune system, healthy sleep, anti-aging, stress reduction and pain relief have proven to be extremely healing.