With modern light therapy for a strong immune system

How does the immune system work?

Immune deficiency: congenital or acquired?

Possible causes of acquired immune deficiency

The causes of acquired immune deficiency are as complex as they are diverse. What they have in common, however, is that they all impair the capabilities of the body's defense system and thus significantly increase the risk of infection. The most common causes include the following in particular:

  • Immune-weakening diseases (HIV diseases, cancer, etc.)
  • Treatment of chronic diseases (chemotherapy, radiation therapy)
  • anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive therapies (for intestinal diseases such as: ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease, rheumatic diseases , multiple sclerosis or psoriasis)
  • Immune deficiency resulting from an organ transplant
  • Deficiency symptoms (vitamin and mineral deficiencies) due to unhealthy diet
  • psychological and physical stress
  • lack of sleep

Symptoms & effects of an immune deficiency

Health products from TERRA Medico to strengthen the immune system

TERRA Medico's health products make a lasting contribution to supporting the body's own defense mechanism. Using grounding, kinetic energy recovery systems and therapeutic C waves, they have a holistic effect on the body and promote its immune strength.

The grounding

The grounding is integrated into both the therapy pad and the regeneration system of TERRA Medico. It neutralizes the free radicals in the body and promotes the body's own regeneration and healing processes. This provides comprehensive support for the immune system.

Kinetic energy recovery system

The kinetic energy recovery system is also part of both TERRA Medico products and has been proven to increase the oxygen content in the blood. This promotes all recovery processes in the best possible way and strengthens the body's defenses.

Therapeutic C wave

The TERRA Medico regeneration system generates a so-called therapeutic C-wave, an infrared wave that enables tension-free and intensive regeneration. In addition, it increases the body temperature to 37 degrees, which further strengthens the immune system.

The ideal combination: therapy pad & regeneration system from TERRA Medico