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TERRA Medico's products were designed to make fundamental findings from biology and physics medically implementable. Biophoton emission, grounding, kinetic energy recovery and the capillary principle form the scientific basis of our therapeutic applications. Through their effect on the organism, the desired healing effect is achieved - without side effects and lasting.

In order to be able to successfully implement our project, we intensively examined relevant scientific studies. The know-how gained in this way is now integrated into our products - and our approach has proven to be effective. That's why all of our health products derive their effectiveness from the laws of nature.

Scientific findings

The investigations by the biophysicist Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp showed in the 1970s that all organic tissues emit light particles, so-called biophotons. These are produced in the cells and sent from there into the body. They have been proven to control inter- and intracellular communication, regulate biological processes and transmit information. Biophotons therefore make a significant contribution to health and well-being.

Individual references and publications

What our customers say...

The opinion of our customers is particularly important to us - after all, our goal is to promote their well-being holistically. That's why we value any feedback regarding the effectiveness and user-friendliness of our health products. This gives us the opportunity to continually develop Terra Medico® and grow with our experience.


“Initially very skeptical, I only bought the TERRA Medico regeneration system because of my partner. You are doing it very well! In particular, her joint pain has improved. For me, I was hoping for an improvement in my sleep problems, and it actually helped. Another thing I noticed: My knees, which are sensitive to cold (I've had this problem for 20 years), are no longer so sensitive. In general the product is very good and it is very relaxing to lie on. Thank you, you didn't promise too much.

Otto Mugler, 1210 Vienna

“After decades of sleep disorders and ultimately chronic fatigue, I was diagnosed with Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) about 6 years ago. I was then treated with strong medication. Although these enabled a longer period of sleep, their effect also lasted during the day. I was sleepy and listless until midday and felt increasingly emotionless, listless and apathetic. The doctors always attributed this to the medication. But as soon as I stopped taking them, I slept very poorly. Since I integrated the TERRA Medico therapy pad into my bed, I've been sleeping well again. This encouraged me – also on the advice of my doctor – to slowly stop taking the medication. Now, after 3 months with the therapy requirement and without medication, I am fit, active during the day and have gained a lot of quality of life again.”

Paul W., 39012 Merano

“I had been having alternating symptoms for months: hot flashes day and night, trouble sleeping and digestive problems. The hormone replacement treatment from the gynecologist was out of the question for me. Since I started using the therapy pad (at night) and the regeneration system (30 minutes daily), these problems have disappeared. Well-known lower back pain is also gone.”

Teodora M., 39012 Merano