Your health deserves the highest quality

Biophoton regeneration system and Energy & Anti-Stress Cocoon help your body holistically against stress

Quality that you will feel every day

We at TERRA Medico work every day to give you the highest possible quality. Our products are handmade in Germany, Austria and Italy. We only use selected materials of the highest quality, which guarantee a high level of comfort and longevity. This is how we ensure that you will feel the full effect of our health products every day.

Light strengthens your cells from within

Biophoton regeneration system

The comprehensive effect of the biophoton regeneration system

  • ✔ Reduces stress
  • ✔ Strong immune system
  • ✔ Anti-aging
  • ✔ Improves sleep
  • ✔ Shortens the time it takes to fall asleep
  • ✔ Increases your energy reserves
  • ✔ Regulates blood pressure
  • ✔ Relieves tension
  • ✔ Relieves acute and chronic pain

For the best sleep of your life

Energy & anti-stress cocoon

The comprehensive effect of the Energy & Anti-Stress Cocoon

  • ✔ Reduces the feeling of stress
  • ✔ Better sleep
  • ✔ Anti-inflammatory
  • ✔ Protects against radiation
  • ✔ Strengthens immune system
  • ✔ Increases melatonin production
  • ✔ Reduction of oxidative stress
  • ✔ Reduces cortisol release
  • ✔ Soothing body grounding
  • ✔ Positive effect on anti-aging
  • ✔ Anti-inflammatory
  • ✔ Relieves chronic pain
  • ✔ Helps against headaches
  • ✔ Improves chronic fatigue
  • ✔ Relieves physical tension
  • ✔ Reduces mental tension
  • ✔ Increases energy levels (KERS)
  • ✔ Stabilizes the cardiovascular system

Studies confirm the effect


less pain


Fall asleep faster


sleep through the night


More energy

Studies show that TERRA Medico® products have a significant effect on the body. In one study, 75% of participants reported feeling less pain, while a large majority reported improved sleep. The study participants not only fell asleep more quickly, but were also able to sleep through the night. The effectiveness of TERRA Medico® products has been proven in studies and they even meet the strict requirements for certification as a medical product.