TERRA Medico® – Experts in
healthy sleep

The best sleep of your life, regeneration with our products and strengthening your self-healing powers.

Our recipe for success: Quality comes first

TERRA Medico® is an Austrian family business that has been serving people's health and well-being since 1994. Our aim has always been to strengthen the body's self-healing powers through innovative, side-effect-free solutions based on physical and biological natural laws.

Our common goal: to bring body and mind into harmony – for holistic well-being and comprehensive health.

Family run

25 years of experience


I am Rüdiger Hubmann, founder and managing director of TERRA Medico® . We have been developing highly efficient sleep systems for our customers for 25 years. Enabling people to have a better quality of life is what drives us every day.

TERRA Medico® stands for:

A pain-free life
New life energy
Rejuvenated mind and body

The best sleep for your home

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Our customers confirm the effect


Less pain

I'm very satisfied! After having an arthroscopy
I had severe pain, which was greatly relieved, too
my sciatica attack was rapid

Erika W.
Purkersdorf, Austria

No more insomnia

My menopausal symptoms, hot flashes, sleep disorders and digestive problems have all disappeared since I started using the TERRA Medico® regeneration system for 30 minutes a day. The well-known back pain has also disappeared.

Teodora M
Merano, Germany

Quick relaxation

The regeneration system relaxes me a lot and I usually fall asleep straight away. Even after sport
it's very soothing. My mother developed the flu when she had the flu
joint pains improved.

Renate K
Bischofshofen, Austria

Become an exclusive partner with your hotel

By collaborating with TERRA Medico®, you can give your guests the best possible sleep and thus create a positive memory of their stay. An exclusive partnership with us not only gives you a competitive advantage over other hotels, but also generates significant additional income. As a TERRA Medico® partner, you benefit from numerous advantages: Are you a hotel owner or run a hotel chain? Then decide to work with TERRA Medico® and work together to convert one or more rooms into certified anti-stress rooms. Your guests will love this special experience and your business will receive a new source of income. The anti-stress room can be seamlessly integrated into your hotel operations and offers you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors and offer your guests added value.

Additional source of income

The anti-stress room appeals to new target groups and is characterized by high yields per room. The anti-stress room offers great benefits to your guests, who are already willing to pay more than for a normal room.

Commissions as acquisition

The anti-stress rooms are equipped with TERRA Medico® products and can be purchased individually by your customers. For each successful referral, you will receive an unlimited commission.

exclusivity in your region

With territorial protection, you as a company receive the exclusive right to sell or offer your products in a selected area. The territorial protection guarantees you a protected market position and protects you from competition in your region.

A special experience

The anti-stress room stands for a special sleeping experience. Your guests will be amazed by the quality of sleep and will be happy to come back.

Know-how transfer through TERRA Medico®

Together we will support you in setting up and marketing the anti-stress room. You benefit from our know-how and our network. In addition, your hotels will be included in the official hotel finder from TERRA Medico® . This makes it even easier for potential customers to find your hotel.

Access to innovative products

TERRA Medico® has stood for excellent products and innovations for 25 years. As an official partner, you get exclusive access to certified and innovative products.

Exclusive partnership with trainers and coaches

Are you a trainer or coach and would like to position yourself with innovative products for the future? Then become an exclusive partner of TERRA Medico®! By partnering with us, you gain access to our scientifically proven products and build an attractive source of income. Offer your customers the best sleep of their lives and turn your new customers into regular customers!